Sonic The Hedgehog creator joins Square Enix

Ryan Lambie Jan 22, 2018

Yuji Naka, the programmer and designer behind the classic Sonic The Hedgehog, has joined Final Fantasy firm Square Enix...

When it comes to Sega, no other game summed up the company's height of success better than Sonic The Hedgehog. The game that turned the Mega Drive (or Genesis) into a true competitor to the Super Nintendo, Sonic The Hedgehog and its blue, spiky hero became the driving force behind Sega's expansion in North America and Europe.

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One of the key figures behind that game was Yuji Naka, a designer and programmer who'd worked on a string of titles at Sega since the mid-80s. Although he was far from well-known even at the time, Naka worked behind the scenes on the coding for such hits as Alex Kidd In Miracle World (Sega's unofficial mascot, at least before Sonic ousted him) Phantasy Star I and II,
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