Drive-In Dust Offs: Time After Time (1979)

As a child, the notion of romance to me was distant and adult, and frankly I wanted no part of it – especially in movies; I was the comedy and horror kid, with the occasional foray into fantasy. (Okay, I kissed Bev Peters on the cheek under the schoolyard tire when I was seven, but that fizzled out quickly.) I did however make my way to my small town’s Orpheum theatre at the age of nine to see what looked like a promising horror/sci-fi blend, Nicholas Meyer’s Time After Time (1979), and stumbled out into the darkness with a new understanding of what romance meant to me.

An Orion/Warner Bros. co-production, Time After Time was released late September to good reviews and receipts, bringing in $13 million at the box office. Variety called it “an entertaining trifle” and Janet Maslin said “Time After Time is every bit as magical
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