Avengers 4 set photo may debunk time travel theories

Over the past few months we’ve seen several set photos from Avengers 4 suggesting that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes could be embarking on some kind of time travel in the follow up to Avengers: Infinity War [see here and here for examples], but now we have another spy photo which may have just debunked those theories…

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As you’ll no doubt notice in the image above, the briefcase is labelled ‘Binary Augmented Retro Framing’, referring to the technology in Captain America: Civil War where we saw a younger version of Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark alongside his parents. That could certainly explain how we’re revisiting certain scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the presence of the likes of Ant-Man during the events of the first Avengers movie. But as for how this might factor into the plot, who knows? If you have any theories,
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