Alan Silvestri’s Avengers Theme, and That Infinity War Trailer

Matt Taylor on the music of Avengers: Infinity War trailer…

On September 12, 2016, YouTube channel ‘Every Frame a Painting’ published a video entitled The Marvel Symphonic Universe. In it, channel creators Tony and Taylor interview members of the public around Vancouver, asking them to sing theme songs from famous movies, in particular the themes of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and James Bond. Unsurprisingly, the themes are nailed by the public. They are then asked to sing any song from a Marvel movie. Here, everyone is stumped. Tony and Taylor wonder why this is, and in the video essay that follows, they put it down to three reasons:

1) The idea of safety; if we see something funny or sad, this is reflected in the music we hear

2) Distractions; some excellent pieces of music are covered by things such as narration

3) Much of the music doesn’t evoke an emotional response; it’s
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