Film Feature: The 10 Best Films of 2017, By Patrick McDonald

Chicago – It’s time to choose the Ten Scariest Donald Trump Tweets, excuse me, The 10 Best films of 2017 (got a lot on my mind). Selected by’s Patrick McDonald, the “Über Critic,” it is a list that celebrates redemptive spirit, love of the love and just all-out fun at the flickers.

In keeping with list-o-mania, and the need for fuller disclosure, here are the films – according to the Über – that came at 25th-11th (click highlighted titles for reviews/interviews)… 25th - Patti Cake$, 24th - Wonder Wheel/I Love You, Daddy, 23rd - Norman, 22nd - Novitiate, 21st - Free Fire, 20th - Coco, 19th - mother!, 18th - Beatriz at Dinner, 17th - Their Finest, 16th - Wonder Woman, 15th - Call Me By Your Name, 14th - Happy End, 13th - Bpm (Beats Per Minute), 12th - The Square, 11th - Beauty and the Beast.
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