Stephen King's 10 greatest human villains

Marc Buxton Dec 21, 2017

Stephen King's more human villains are by far his most frightening. Here are 10 of his most deranged human antagonists...

Stephen King is the creator of many preternaturally terrifying villains. Vampires, devils, demonic clowns, aliens, witches, werewolves, dark wizards, and even a killer automobile or two, but it is his human monsters that are the most frightening. King’s serial killers, despots, murderers, bullies, and crooks of all types could be our neighbors, our friends, our coworkers, and even our family. They exist in the real world and lurk around every corner, just waiting for their moment to strike.

Here are just some of King’s most enduring human monsters that may not exist under your bed, but they could be next to you on a bus, in the next bathroom stall, or next to you on the couch.

10. Margaret White

Carrie (1974)

"I can see your dirtypillows.
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