The X-Files, Legion And American Horror Story Among TV Shows Hoovered Up By Disney

A vast portion of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has been offloaded to Disney.

That’s the headline that continues to send shockwaves across the four corners of the Internet, and the Mouse House is just getting started. Having drawn up tentative plans to consolidate its newly-acquired Marvel characters under the one umbrella (read: the Marvel Cinematic Universe), Disney is about to redraw the superhero genre as we know it. And at least according to CEO Bob Iger, whose time with the company will extend into 2021, this cross-pollination won’t impede on Fox’s own slate of adult-oriented and, in the case of Deadpool, hilariously crude superhero flicks.

But costumed crusaders weren’t the only motivating factor behind Disney’s acquisition. As we learned mere hours ago, the House of Mouse will soon gain control of Predator, Alien and a number of other high-profile film franchises, while USA Today has
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