Lethal Weapon 4: a retrospective

Guy Buckland Dec 14, 2017

Guy takes a belated look at the fourth (but possibly not final) film in the Lethal Weapon franchise…

Spoilers lie ahead for Lethal Weapons 2 to 4.

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At the beginning of 2016, Den of Geek gave me the opportunity to rank the Lethal Weapon films in order of merit and then write about each one individually. This made me very happy, as it is a franchise for which I have a great deal of passion – both positive and negative. But like a reluctant hit man stuck in a clichéd redemption arc, I just couldn’t finish the job.

By the time I had produced a well-reasoned account of why the third in the series was objectively the worst – an assertion I still stand by, despite what you’re about to read
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