Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Time spoiler-free review

Simon Brew Dec 13, 2017

Here's our spoiler-free look at the Doctor Who Christmas special, Twice Upon A Time...

This review is spoiler-free. It talks about, at most, stuff that's been revealed in promo photos, but not more than that.

Twice Upon A Time

Really rather special, this one. Appreciating that pretty much everyone knows where Steven Moffat’s final Doctor Who story – Twice Upon A Time – has to ultimately end (an ending that was sliced off the press preview), the journey the story takes is really quite something.

It kicks off, of all things, with the kind of recap that only Doctor Who could get away with, before resuming where things were left at the end The Doctor Falls. Two DoctorsDavid Bradley as the first Doctor, Peter Capaldi as the incumbent – holding off their own regeneration. Neither willing to succumb to the change and uncertainty that lies ahead.

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