2017’s Best Films By and About Women

Girls Trip”: Michele K. Short/Universal Pictures

The big screen had a lot to offer in 2017: Amazonian warriors kicking ass (and breaking box office records), tennis stars smashing misogyny, a wildly inventive and Nsfw use of a grapefruit, and so much more. We’ve collected some of our favorite films by and about women this year, and they include biopics about athletes, war movies, and a game-changing super hero film. That’s part of what stands out about this year — the fact that women finally had the opportunity to shine in different genres, both on-screen and behind the scenes. This year’s Best Actress frontrunners aren’t playing the wives of powerful men — they are at the center of their own stories. Finally.

Here are some the year’s best films directed by women and/or about female protagonists, according to us:

Girls Trip” — Co-Written by Tracy Oliver
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