Someone watched Bee Movie 357 times on Netflix in 2017

Kirsten Howard Dec 11, 2017

Shout out to the UK subscriber who watched Bee Movie 357 times this year. Your dedication has been duly noted by Netflix...

Bee Movie, the 2007 animated meme generator, has a very committed UK fan. Someone so enamoured by the adventures of Barry B. Benson, that in 2017 they were willing to spend 32,487 minutes of their time rewatching the film on Netflix.

Netflix, for their part, did not want this devotion to go unsung, so this week they specifically acknowledged the bee-witched viewer and created a little buzz (I'm sorry) surrounding the, er, achievement, by including the factoid in their 2017 'Year In Review'.

The Jerry Seinfeld-starring flick could have been consumed once a day, or for almost 24 days continuously. No one knows, as the streaming giant are naturally keeping the person's identity anonymous, and further details under wraps.

Oh, and Netflix also released a bunch of Top 10 lists, but
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