Creating A Successful Digital Network That Doesn’t Fall, Like A Fireball, Back Down To Earth

I’ve been showrunning original and branded digital content since 2006. Along with my company, Happy Little Guillotine Studios, we sort-of-accidentally created one of the first digital series (called Break a Leg) in 2006 and by some combination of luck, skill and (perhaps most importantly) agility, we’ve managed to survive and thrive in the space ever since.

Strangely though, as we’re coming to the end of 2017 and I’ve been reading articles about the state of digital media, I’m finding myself with a strong sense of déjà vu – apparently, the problems in 2017 are identical to the problems of 2006 (minus President Voldemort and his merry Nazi band).

That is: Where’s the money? How do you get people to watch your series? How do you scale? How do you attract brands? It’s dying! It’s the future! It’s dying again! Now TV is dying! Now TV is the only path forward!
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