Interview: Danielle Harris Discusses Her Unique Role in New Hospital Horror Film Inoperable and Shares Her Thoughts on the Halloween Franchise

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You may know her as Jamie Lloyd or Annie Brackett from the Halloween franchise, but right now actress and filmmaker Danielle Harris is providing viewers with another enthralling performance with her role as Amy Barrett in Christopher Lawrence Chapman's new film, Inoperable. A mind-bending experience that blends psychological Twilight Zone-esque scares with gory hospital horror, Inoperable is out now in select theaters from Zorya Films and Millman Productions, and Daily Dead recently had the great pleasure of speaking with Harris about her unique new role and the ambitious approach to filming Inoperable, and she also shared her hopes for the future of the Halloween franchise.

Hi Danielle, and congratulations on Inoperable. It feels like a mix of Groundhog Day and The Twilight Zone, but it still has its own personality. Watching it for the first time was such a mind-bending experience, so what was it like when you
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