Top 5 Hits and Duds from CW’s Epic Crossover “Crisis On Earth X”

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Arrow-verse crossover, “Crisis on Earth X”.

The CW has made crossovers between its DC based shows a regular tradition, as they should appear at least once per season. Starting from the second season of Arrow, when Barry first appeared as a nerdy forensic expert. Now this year’s epic crossover “Crisis On Earth X” is much larger and more ambitious, especially when compared to last years’ “Invasion”. That’s not to say “Invasion” wasn’t enjoyable but the episode of Supergirl wasn’t even really a part of the story. So instead of just focusing on this weeks episode of The Flash, I am going to give you the highlights (and low points) of this years

Here are the Top 5 Hits and Duds from this Gigantic four-part event:


5. Sara and Alex’s Chemistry:

As the trailer suggested, the Chemistry between Sara and Alex is a treat to watch.
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