Failing On The Basics: Why You Can’t Fix a Film Which Never Had the Right Foundations

Tom Jolliffe on why trying to salvage a film in post production is pointless if you never had the basics right in the first place…

So Justice League came out. I’d say too much fanfare but whilst there was undoubtedly excitement, and whilst it has inevitably made a lot of money already (not as much as expected), it seemed to arrive with a fair degree of indifference. That may well be because it is one of those properties, much like Marvel, Disney etc, where the audience has readily accepted they’ll be in the theatre with an overpriced box of popcorn and vat of (insert preferred soft drink name). It’s almost like, “right… Just seen Thor: Ragnarok, what’s next?” That is of course if you discount the ardent fans of either DC or Marvel who stick ardently to their own.

Now this won’t merely be a
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