Westworld: 50 things we learned from the season 1 Blu-ray extras

Louisa Mellor Nov 21, 2017

The Westworld creators talk imagery, metaphor and nerdy details in season one’s Blu ray special features…

This feature contains Westworld season one spoilers.

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While it aired, the first season of Westworld could hardly have been more closely scrutinised for clues, twists and Easter Eggs. Between sites like this one and lengthy Reddit threads, fans went through Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s sci-fi drama with a fine-toothed comb.

The result of that careful work by fans meant that by the game-changing finale, most of Westworld’s secrets had been laid bare. Many fan theories had been proved correct. Nods to the 1973 film and to Michael Crichton’s other famous theme park story had all been exposed. When the DVD and Blu-ray release arrived at the start of this month then, very few
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