Spider-Man Star Breaks His Nose on Avengers 4 Set

Spider-Man Star Breaks His Nose on Avengers 4 Set
It's unclear how much longer Avengers 4 has to go, with production taking place in Atlanta as we speak. But it looks as though Tom Holland is ready to wrap his role as Peter Parker in the movie. And he has done so in spectacular fashion. He has broken his nose. He says this on a video he posted on social media.

"Who said acting was easy, huh? Broken nose number 3. What a way to finish a movie."

Yes, you heard right. This is the third time Tom Holland has broken his nose on the set of a movie. The young actor, who made his Marvel debut in Captain America: Civil War before headline this past summer's Spider-Man: Homecoming, is quite the acrobat, and is known for doing crazy backflips and other body-wrecking forms of gymnastics. It's unclear what kind of insurance policy Marvel has out on this kid, but it's
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