Make Your Christmas Spooky with Spectacular Optical’s Yuletide Terror

The season of scares may be over in the public’s popular opinion, but horror films are hardly regulated to one month of the year. Some of the most effective genre fare takes place in snowbound cabins and quaintly decorated suburban homes during the season of joy. Santa suits become costumes for deranged murderers, and carolers drown out the screams that echo upstairs.

The combination of Christmas cheer and icy terror may seem culturally nonsensical, but what better time to explore horror than the darkest nights of the year? For those who celebrate their winter holidays with a dash of arsenic in the eggnog, Spectacular Optical presents a perfect Christmas gift: their new book, Yuletide Terror: Christmas in Horror Films.

The Canadian publisher has graced us with a number of brilliant academic tomes, exploring macabre topics such as Jean Rollin’s Gothic cinema and paranoid occult horror in the ’80s.
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