DVD Review: Beyond The Seventh Door (1987)

Ambition should never be a dirty word, especially when it comes to micro-budget movies. Especially micro-budget movies shot on a camcorder starring a Yugoslavian actor who goes by the amazing moniker "Lazar Rockwood." Which brings us to the kind of amazing Canadian-made Cube/Saw prototype Beyond the Seventh Door (1987), lovingly presented on DVD by Intervision, who never fail to cover all of your shot-on-video needs.

Released to Toronto cable, Bozidar Benedikt's (also a Yugoslavian immigrant, and the author of over 20 novels to boot) full-length feature debut is incredibly simple in structure and execution, but has a quirky charm thanks to its high concept and even higher lead performance from Rockwood.

Boris (Rockwood - Witchblade), a small-time thief, has just been released from prison, and his first stop is a grungy café where he meets up with his ex-girlfriend Wendy (Bonnie Beck – The Making of a Hollywood Madam), who has a
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