‘She Came From the Woods’ Review (Short Film)

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Stars: Ehad Berisha, Justin Andrew Davis, Peyton Michelle Edwards, Olivia Helaine, John Pope, Eric Consolazio, Kristen Anne Ferraro | Written and Directed by Erik C. Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist

She Came from the Woods is a brand-new short film written, directed, and produced by The Bloomquist Brothers (Erik and Carson); whose most-recent short, Ghost Tour, is currently on Crypt TV, and whose hard-boiled short film, The Cobblestone Corridor, we reviewed way back in 2015….

After a brief introduction, with the camp counselors all sitting round a campfire telling a scary story a la Are You Afraid of the Dark?, She Came From the Woods wastes no time getting to the horrific action. But with a running time of just over 12 minutes, there’s not that much time to begin with!

The set up is brief. There’s an urban legend that says you will call the evil spirt of Esther – a witch who
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