Jackie Chan's Former Manager Willie Chan Passes Away at 76

In case this article's title gave you a fright because you read it too quickly, no Jackie Chan is fine. Film producer and Chan's former manager, Willie Chan, is not though. He recently passed away peacefully in his sleep according to Variety.

Jackie and Willie would often refer to themselves as brothers, even though there were reports that no talent management contract had ever been signed between them. Actor Charlie Chin had introduced Jackie to Willie, while Jackie was working as a stuntman. And it was in 1976, after Bruce Lee's death and the hunt for a new male lead role began, that Jackie was featured in New Fist of Fury.

And so a strong 38-year relationship began. Willie managed Jackie's career for many long years, until Jackie became so big in the film industry that Willie had to step down.

(Jackie Chan) didn’t need my help anymore and
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