Lff Review: Linklater's 'Last Flag Flying' Has a Few Nice Conversations

Trust in Richard Linklater. Like any great filmmaker, no matter what story he decides to tell, or whatever film he wants to make, it'll almost always be good. I will full well admit that I had low expectations for this film before going in to see it, I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe I just didn't want to see another film about American soldiers (there have been so many recently), or veterans complaining about how things are, or the American flag. Whatever it was, I was wrong. Linklater's Last Flag Flying is an impressively level-headed, intelligent film with some nice, heartwarming conversations amongst good friends. It's a buddy film about three aging veterans who go on a roadtrip around America, reminiscing about their pasts and catching up. Last Flag Flying introduces us first to Larry 'Doc' Shepherd, played by Steve Carell, who decides to go find his old marine friends
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