Movie Review: The Snowman

From Silence of the Lambs (1991), to Zodiac (2007), to Se7en (1995), detective thrillers can prove to be a great escape for the moviegoing audience. It puts us in the shoes of a profession we’ll probably never be in and most of the time it asks us to participate in actively solving the mystery at hand. You usually receive the clues at the same time the characters do and it can be endlessly engaging to help solve the puzzle. When the genre works, it works well. When it doesn’t, you get movies like The Snowman. The intentions might have been to produce a film in the same vein as the previously mentioned thrillers, but The Snowman completely misses the mark. With a plot that is scattered, a terribly miscast group of actors, and shaky direction, The Snowman is a slow-burn that eventually melts from its own stupidity.

The Snowman is inspired
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