A hell of a ride by Jennie Kermode

The iconic Pinhead

Over time, many horror films lose their bite. What is shocking to one generation seems tame to the next, whilst ever-improving special effects technology makes it possible to take fantastic and gory scenarios further and further. There are exceptions, however. In the 30 years since it first came out Hellraiser, which broke many boundaries in its time, has gained a huge cult following. It is a staple of midnight horror marathons and it has just enjoyed an anniversay re-release on the big screen.

This is thanks in part to special effects that broke new ground and still look stunning today. Stuart Conran was still in his teens whem he joined the film's special effects crew. He would go on to have an amazing career, making his mark in films as diverse as The Piano, From Hell, The Hours, Shaun Of The Dead and High-Rise, but...
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