Comic Book Review – Superman Reborn

Ricky Church reviews Superman Reborn…

The past few years have seen Superman’s status in the DC universe complicated to say the least as the company rebooted the line in The New 52 with the original Superman and New 52 Superman briefly coexisted until the death of New 52 Superman. With the start of DC Rebirth, the original Superman has resumed his superhero ways with help from his wife Lois and their young son, Jon, but with an additional mystery: there is a separate and normal Clark Kent working in the Daily Planet whose motives and origins are unknown.

Superman Reborn is the first crossover between Superman and Action Comics and delves into the mystery of this other Clark Kent as well as what apparently happened to Superman when New 52 was created. Written by Dan Jurgens and Peter Tomasi, the book (which collects Actions Comics #973 – 976 and Superman #18-19) tells a fun and compelling
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