Star Wars: Lucasfilm Has Already Mapped Out Snoke’s Backstory

Supreme Leader Snoke may be comparable to Emperor Palpatine in that Andy Serkis’ humanoid alien has been angled as the ultimate big bad of Disney’s current Star Wars saga, but whereas the prequels outlined every step of Palpatine’s rise (descent?) into Darth Sidious, Rian Johnson has vowed to exercise some restraint when it comes to Snoke and his place in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

What we do know, though, is that he’s the master puppeteer pulling the strings behind the First Order – the modern incarnation of the Galactic Empire, essentially – and prefers to command his troops from afar. That’s a strategy we saw unfold in The Force Awakens, when Snoke relayed instructions via a floor-to-ceiling hologram. Turns out the villain has been housed up in his Mega Star Destroyer, the Supremacy, all along, but everyone involved in the film has assured us that he’ll
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