Busan 2017 Review: Butterfly Sleep Flutters Gracefully Over a Well-Worn Path

It's been a full 12 years since director Jeong Jae-eun helmed a narrative feature and the Japan-set Butterfly Sleep is a welcome return, if not a patch on her 2001 debut Take Care of My Cat, still her best work. Her latest may not break any new ground, but this thoughtful melodrama glides with poise through a simple story of an impossible love and Jeong weans a graceful performance out of Love Letter star Miho Nakayama in the lead. In fact, Jeong has two projects in Busan this year, along with her documentary Ecology in Concrete. Royko is a popular novelist who takes on a new job as a university lecturer in Tokyo. One night at dinner with students and colleagues, she meets Chan-hae, a...

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