Grimmfest 2017: The Bride Review: Dir. Svyatoslav Podgayevskiy

The Bride Review: A young bride-to-be finds herself fighting for her life after an introduction to the future in-laws unearths a deadly curse.

The Bride review by Steve Palace.

The Bride Review

Weddings are a major industry these days, fuelled by a combination of commerce and cake. Glossy magazines, gushing emotions and happy, photogenic couples seem to be the norm for this branch of human relationships. However back in ancient times a wedding signified something darker and more ritualistic. This is the nifty concept at the centre of Svyatoslav Podgayevskiy’s horror tale.

Beginning with a prologue that’s part Gullermo del Toro, part Hammer Horror, we learn about the practice of painting eyes onto the closed lids of a corpse and the capturing of the soul in a photograph. From there things get grim, though to writer Podgayevskiy’s credit there’s also a dash of humour.

We then
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