Interview: Gerald’S Game Director Mike Flanagan on Collaborating with Carla Gugino & the Challenges of Adapting Stephen King’s Novel

  • DailyDead
Over the last several years, filmmaker Mike Flanagan has quickly established himself as one of the best and most assured genre storytellers of the last decade. From Absentia to Oculus to Hush, as well as Ouija: Origin of Evil and Before I Wake (which this writer is still patiently waiting for a Stateside release), Flanagan has a proven track record as a confident director, and his latest project, Gerald’s Game, is another example of his ability to tell uniquely compelling stories in a way that only he can.

Daily Dead recently had the opportunity to speak with Flanagan about his experiences adapting the acclaimed Stephen King novel for Netflix, the challenges he faced with both the material as well as keeping his mostly single location story intriguing on a visual level. Flanagan also chatted about collaborating with “force of nature” Carla Gugino for Gerald’s Game and how she
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