Without Limits: Vietnam review – six disabled people tackle Southeast Asia in this epic travelogue

This 900-mile journey along the Ho Chi Minh trail shows its protagonists are more than a homogenous group. Plus: Love Island meets Gladiator in Bromans

Without Limits: Vietnam (BBC1) is a programme about six people with physical disabilities embarking on a 900 mile journey, which gives the lie to the idea that disabled people are or should be treated in any way as a homogenous group. Vicky lost her leg two years ago in a rollercoaster accident, and the shock of it has been as much a life-changer as having a leg amputated. Charlie, set for life as a rugby pro until he broke his leg so badly he chose to have part of it amputated to free him from continued pain, feels “like a fraud” for leading a relatively unaffected life. Lou faces the complications that come from having an “invisible” disability – a degenerative condition that’s making her increasingly deaf.
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