Tiff 2017. Correspondences #8

  • MUBI
Dear Danny and Kelley,I like that that you use the word “traveling,” which marvelously evokes both the continuous physical wandering from one screen to the next, as well as the transporting experience of the cinematic rabbit-holes themselves. These travels can have a palpably elemental side, and this year’s Tiff has offered generous lashings of fire (mother!), air (The Florida Project), and crumbly earth (Let the Corpses Tan). Now comes the aquatic side with Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, a luxuriously fanciful rendering of an amphibious King Kong out of the primeval Amazon and into Baltimore circa 1962. A fairy tale, as stated in narration and visualized under the opening credits, in which the camera swims through a majestically submerged abode that’s gradually drained and revealed as the shabby apartment of the protagonist. Introduced as “the princess without a voice,” mute cleaning lady Elisa (Sally Hawkins
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