Safe House review – abducted wife, copycat crime? Seen it all before

The new series has new characters and a new location – but offers nothing new. Plus: tension from the off in Tin Star, with Christina Hendricks and Tim Roth

Remember that series a couple of years ago with Christopher Eccleston as Robert, the proprietor of a Lake District house as magnificently doomy and gloomy as his face, who gave shelter to crime victims in need of a secure place to stay? You do? Well, it’s back. You don’t? No matter – it’s not really back. It’s got a new protagonist – Tom, played by Stephen Moyer, who is more of a scrappy terrier than Eccleston’s rangy, watchful wolfhound – and a new location: Anglesey. It’s the television equivalent of the philosopher’s axe – if you replace all the parts, is it still the same thing?

The new Safe House (ITV) certainly performs the same function as the original,
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