Frightfest 2017: ‘Imitation Girl’ Review

Stars: Lauren Ashley Carter, Neimah Djourabchi, Adam David Thompson, Catherine Mary Stewart, Stefanie Woodburn, Sanam Erfani, Kevin O’Rourke, William Wakeland, Taylor Warden, Kevin Metz | Written and Directed by Natasha Kermani

Julianna (Lauren Ashley Carter) is a young twenty-something adult performer living in New York who – although somewhat successful – is far from happy. Battling drug addiction and being trapped in a relationship that’s almost at breaking point, Julianna finds herself with a potential way out of the life she currently leads– her almost forgotten talent playing piano. As this is going on, a mysterious being (credited simply as Imitation) plummets to Earth and taking on the form of Julianna – courtesy of a centrefold spread left by a horny teenage boy in the desert – finds herself being taken in by a friendly and shy Iranian immigrant by the name of Saghi (Neimah Djourabchi). With the help of his sister (Sanam Erfani
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