The Moments Which Made You Love Cinema

Tom Jolliffe on those moments which made you love cinema…

It’s different for everyone and maybe for some it never happens. Not everyone (shock horror!) is into film. For those film buffs, nerds, geeks, or even merely casual enjoyers of cinematic delights, there are always defining moments. Maybe it’s a moment within a film. Maybe it’s a certain film as a whole. It’s never merely one moment either. Perhaps there’s a moment that re-affirms that love. A time with which the magic seemingly waned, but like a bolt of energy it re-emerged, flowing through you and reigniting your love of film.

As far as myself my love of cinema began young. That’s the case for most people. There were moments in films that brought about a level of excitement and wonder in me that hit the stratosphere. There was the simple glowing blade of the lightsaber.
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