'Pillar Of Fire' set for Off-Broadway debut

Seth Metoyer,


One of my favorite actor's and people Bill Oberst Jr. is bringing a vengeful corpse to Theatre Row as "Ray Bradbury's Pillar Of Fire” is set for its off-Broadway debut.

From The Press Release

Like a character in his own fiction, Ray Bradbury just won't stay dead. The celebrated fantasy / sci-fi author passed away in 2012 (August 22 would have been his 97th birthday) but his books are best-sellers at Amazon, his novel Fahrenheit 451 is in production at HBO Films starring Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Friday Night Lights) and his name gets 100,000 Google searches each month. Now one of indie horror's own, Bill Oberst Jr. (Criminal Minds, Scream Queens) is taking Bradbury Off-Broadway.

Oberst's solo performance, Ray Bradbury's Pillar Of Fire, a tale of the walking dead that is one of Bradbury's darkest early works, comes to New York City's Theater Row on Sunday, Sept.
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