Three Horror Tales from Terror Films in August: Interior, I Know You're in There and The Documentary

Terror Films will release three films throughout the month of August. The films are: Interior, I Know You're in There and The Documentary. Interior is a haunted house thriller, which will release this August 15th, through Video-on-demand. The film, from director Zachary Beckler, is a multi-award winner. Early stills from all three films are hosted here. The first still for Interior (above) shows a man and a shadow. He is there to document strange phenomena, inside a mysterious home. Armed only with a camera, he must confront the terrors within. As well, stills for I Know You're in There show a wheelchair bound young woman. In this film, a man discovers the existence of a long lost sister. He discovers her after the suicide of his mother. Together, they discover a supernatural evil. This film, which releases on August 18th, is from director Robert Lawson Gordon. Finally, The Documentary will release this August 22nd.
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