Fantasia Review: ‘S.U.M.1’ is a High Concept, Low Budget One-Man Sci-Fi Show

It’s been decades since a new world order changed Earth forever, an alien invasion by creatures known as the Nonesuch forcing humanity underground. The old guard who survived remembers the war that drove them subterranean, memories of life on the surface and the beasts that present-day generations hope to never encounter. If any of them do want to risk their lives for a glimpse of the sun they’ve only heard about through stories, though, they can enlist in the military and become a soldier tasked with a one hundred day mission meant to find stragglers and point them towards sanctuary: Exilium. Battles still rage, but humanity has all but resigned itself to its defeat. Now it’s a matter of staying alive to save those who were left behind.

This is the background to Christian Pasquariello’s debut feature S.U.M.1 — a high concept, low budget one-man science fiction show.
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