Big Brother 19 Pov Winner Revealed Yesterday July 29. Jessica Mocked Everyone

Alright, so yesterday it was revealed on the Big Brother 19 live feeds that the big Pov competition took place for week 5 and Paul was the winner. It was a Bb Storm Watch comp. Paul, Jessica, Cody, Jason, Kevin and Raven competed in the comp. What's really interesting is before the comp began,Jessica had a few words to say to everyone. According to Big Brother Network, she told them that she and Cody didn't even bother to study for the comp. Then she mocked everyone for having stayed up all night to study for it. She claimed that their efforts were pointless. This is because she plans to use her stupid hex power to stop the eviction this Thursday night. So, she's really gone off the deep end now that Cody's back. If she does actually use the hex, it will make her just as much of an enemy of the house that Cody is.
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