‘Devil’s Domain’ VOD Review

Stars: Madi Vodane, Kelly Decker, Michael Madsen, Linda Bella | Written and Directed by Jared Cohn

A bullied teen cozies up the Devil in order to enact vengeance on the mean girls at her high school…

Devil’s Domain sounds like a promising, if well worn, premise; a supernatural, revenge fantasy about the dangers of cyber-bullying and cruelty. Unfortunately, this film can’t decide if it wants to be Carrie, Mean Girls, or Saw. It’s as if somewhere along the shoot writer/director Jared Cohn kept coming up with new ideas and tried to switch the films tone every couple of scenes.

The film begins with bulimic, cutter, lesbian, teen Lisa Pomson (Madi Vodane) being harassed by literally every human being who shares her air. You know the old trope about how the villain has to kick a dog to prove how evil he is? Imagine Lisa is the dog
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