‘Beacon Point’ Review

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Stars: Rae Olivier, Jon Briddell, Eric Goins, Jason Burkey, Rj Shearer | Written by Eric Blue, Traci Carroll | Directed by Eric Blue

A group of hikers set off for ten days of camping in the remote forest of – I don’t know. Did the movie ever tell us where they were, or could I just not pay attention? Beacon Point is the kind of movie you have to watch in an isolation chamber because even the slightest distraction is more interesting than this hour and a half hiking montage.

However, the film began with promise. Two hunters stalk the forest but are quickly turned to pray by an unseen monster. The scene wasn’t very frightening, it was shot in the daylight and happened very quickly, but at least it had a body count. And this was supposed to be a sci-fi horror movie…right?

The mood quickly switched to a drama piece as our protagonist,
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