The Day of Destruction coming to Htc and Oculus this August

Colorado based indie developer SynaptixGames have announced that their latest sci-fi Vr game, Day of Destruction, will arrive on Steam for the Oculus and Htv Vive this August. This unique title will put you at the forefront of an alien invasion but with a clever twist…. you are the invader. Watch the new trailer below for a taste of the gameplay…

Day of Destruction is a sci-fi Vr title that puts the player at the spearhead of an alien invasion. Granted with alien technology, players can rain down havoc and mayhem on 24 different cities throughout 6 different planets in epic large scale battles. Do well in your invasion plans and cause widespread environmental destruction and you will be able to unlock new weapons and UFOs.

This Vr title will be available on the Htc Vive and Oculus Rift and is compatible with both gamepads and the Touch Controller on the Oculus.
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