‘Besetment’ Review

Stars: Abby Wathen, Marlyn Mason, Michael Meyer, Max Gutfreund, Greg James, Hannah Barefoot, Lindsae Klein, Douglas Rowe, Sonya Davis | Written and Directed by Brad Douglas

Besetment stars Abby Wathen (The Bay) as Amanda Millard, a young woman who takes a hotel position in a small town where she ends up fighting for her life…. Struggling and desperate for a job, Amanda takes a position at a hotel in a small town in Oregon. It’s a creepy, back country kind of town but owners Mildred Colvin and her son Billy seem nice enough at first. It’s not long before Amanda discovers their real intentions, and her struggle to make a living becomes a nightmarish fight for her life.

The tone of Besetment is set straight away during the films opening credits: creepy imagery of blood running down shower drains, fluids being injected into… something/someone, and stitches being removed,
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