Impressions: Slashed! The Musical is a Dream Come True for Slasher Fans

Not often do the worlds of horror and musicals cross over. Aside from a few notably strange blends—The Rocky Horror Show and Repo! The Genetic Opera of course, along with the elusive but acclaimed Evil Dead musical extravaganza—and other efforts that missed the mark (did you know there was a Dracula musical? There’s probably a reason you didn’t.), these genres are polar opposites. How does one combine the melodrama and cheese of a musical with the dreadful macabre of horror? By being Slashed! That’s how.

Premiering at midnight on June 9th as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, Slashed! The Musical puts the summer camp massacre genre of the 1980s to music. A group of morally questionable teens arrive at Camp Freedom, only to learn from the local Looney Lucy that the area is cursed by the vengeful spirit of a boy who died “because everyone was fu**ing.
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