A review of Paying Mr. McGetty (2017) A Traditionz Entertainment Production

Paying Mr. McGetty opens up in a plush hotel room with the protagonist Tyrell (R. Marcos Taylor, Luke Cage, 48 Hours to Live) waking up after what is assumed a wild night gambling and drinking. To add to the fog in his mind, there is a beautiful woman laying in the bed next to him named Cecelia (Alissa Schneider, Wick City Rockabilly, October Rodeo) who explains what happened the previous night. After a phone call from Tyrell’s angry girlfriend Meena (Anita Clay, City of Gold, Adrenaline III), Tyrell and Cecelia exit the hotel, both parting ways with a friendly kiss. What was meant to be friendly turns out to be detrimental to Tyrell’s safety for the rest of the day. It turns out that...

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