Buster's Mal Heart Review: A Dark And Surreal Psychological Journey

Each of us possesses a breaking point, an invisible threshold or limit to the amount of pain or anger or stress we can endure. No one really knows how they'll respond upon piercing this barrier until the moment it occurs. It's a line that no one should willingly cross, because how we act under such tremendous duress could cost our freedom, our sanity, or even our life -- or the life of another. For most people, the challenge of reaching their personal breaking point is recognizing the signs and avoiding the triggers. Unfortunately, sometimes life just deals you a series of slow, repeated blows that compounds until you're pushed over the edge (probably before you even realize it's happened).

Buster's Mal Heart, written and directed by Sarah Adina Smith, is a strange, independent film that's invested in exploring one man's breaking point. It's a psychological examination conducted from multiple angles: before,
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