Toshinari Yonishi’s “Sapphire” presents Japan’s take on the Girls-with-Guns theme

Yonishi Toshinari’s debut feature film is a genuine action movie, which, despite its low budget, manages to present tons of impressive violence.

The film will screen at the 18th Japan-Filmfest Hamburg, that will be on 31.05-04.06.2017

Eve was a woman whose blood could regenerate human cells. To protect her from the plethora of people who wanted to exploit her abilities, she and her daughter were sequestered to an isolated place, along with three men who were responsible for their safety. However, they were eventually discovered by a team of paramilitary who killed Eve and kidnapped the daughter. After the events, Eve’s blood was sent to West Night, a company who spent years on researching it, succeeded in analyzing its DNA, and eventually developed a medicine named RC424.

Eve’s daughter had her memories erased, was renamed Sapphire, and along with a number of other girls, was trained to
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