Q&A: Composer Marc Vanocur Discusses the Score for Dead Awake and Reflects on Tales From The Crypt

The horrors of sleep paralysis are amplified by composer Marc Vanocur's score in the upcoming horror film Dead Awake. Ahead of the film's May 12th release, we caught up with Vanocur for our latest Q&A feature to discuss making the music for Dead Awake and to reflect on his time working as a sound editor on the Tales from the Crypt TV series.

You just finished Dead Awake and are already working on Phillip Guzman's second film, 200 Hours. Had you collaborated with him in the past? Did the film forge the creative partnership?

Marc Vanocur: I hadn't worked with Phil before Dead Awake. We met while working on the movie, got along well, and things just naturally progressed. I think it has to do with the communication than anything else. When you collaborate through a hurdle in a way that is constructive and not offensive, it
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