Selfie from Hell Screams Through Production: A Preview

A short film was released in 2015, titled "Selfie from Hell." Director Erdal Ceylan won a "Best Short Horror Film" award for this feature. Ceylan's short has also been seen over 19 million times! Afterwards, Ceylan teamed up with IndustryWorks Pictures to develop the short film into a feature. Currently, the full length film is in post-production, so a trailer is expected soon. Fans of independent horror features can find the short film, "Selfie from Hell," here. As well, an early look at the feature film is hosted here. The original short film is two minutes long (found below). It shows a woman, in an apartment, taking a cell' phone picture of herself. A shadowy figure looms in the background. Once she begins to record video, events take a bloody turn. It would be safe to say that the feature film will develop along similar story lines. A few casting details have been announced for the feature.
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