Free Fire: Interview with Costume Designer Emma Fryer

Mild Spoilers

Director Ben Wheatley’s latest, Free Fire, is set in Boston, 1978, but was actually shot in Brighton in 2015. Being as the plot revolves around ten characters involved in a one hour plus shoot-out inside a disused factory, from a sartorial point of view things get rather grubby. The film’s BAFTA nominated costume designer Emma Fryer has already worked with Wheatley on The ABCs of Death (2012) and A Field in England (2013) so is used to the way his stories tend to go bananas in the final reel. Free Fire unfolds practically in real time, which amps up the tension but allows for no mistake with costume. Stains and bullet holes, all need to remain in exactly the same place, no matter how many takes are required.

We caught up with Emma Fryer to discuss her work on Free Fire, and specifically where she found so many vintage multiples
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