The Last Word – Review

(l-r) Amanda Seyfried stars as Anne Sherman, Shirley MacLaine as Harriet Lauler, and Ann Jewel Lee as Brenda, in The Last Word. Photo by Beth Dubber. Courtesy of Bleeker Street ©

In The Last Word, Shirley MacLaine stars as Harriet Lauler, a successful, wealthy but not beloved retired businesswoman, who decides to write her own obituary prior to her death. To craft the perfect obit, she hires a young writer at the local newspaper, played by Amanda Seyfried, mostly for her skill in making unpleasant people sound admirable.

Shirley MacLaine plays the kind of flinty character she has played so often and so well since Terms Of Endearment. The film looks like a showcase for the iconic star and indeed MacLaine is the best thing in this unremarkable if well-meaning film. The film credits open with a montage of photos, apparently from childhood to present of the star, which suggests a
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